Wild Goose Spirit


Two thousand years ago, Confucius advocated benevolence, asking people to establish for others stands they wish for themselves and to bring others to reach where they wish to reach themselves. Now, Martas advocates benevolence by realizing “The Spirit of Wild Goose,” committed to extending from ourselves to others. Consequently, the soul of our brand is not confined to Martas, but concerned with your life.


The way to great vision is usually enlightened by a transient touching moment. The soul of Martas’ brand is based on a story told by a professor in National Chengchi University, Wu, Jing-Jyi. Gary,  the founder of Martas, was enlightened by the story and comprehended a moral of Mother Nature, “The Spirit of Wild Goose.”


A flock of geese migrate south in autumn. With flight in V formation, all of them except the leader fly in the upwash from the wingtip vortices of the partner ahead and get reduced drag. In fact, they can fly 12 percent farther at 1.73 times the speed by adopting V formation rather than flying in isolation.


As flying, they twitter to inspire each other; as taking a break, each of them takes responsibility for foraging or looking after the youthful and the elderly. When a member is too injured or sick to fly, two volunteers of the flock stay keeping them company until their partner recuperates or perishes. Then they join another flock of geese migrating south.


Geese take turns being the leader, falling back when they feel exhausted. Their energy is conserved due to such teamwork. It is good teamwork that makes them accomplish the long migratory routes.


The spirit of wild goose impresses itself on Gary’s memory, because it is exactly what Martas has been aspiring to. With the spirit, Martas has been treating partners of the value chain as family. We establish a life community with prosperity and coexistence and hence create a five-win situation.


What Gary can never forget is the sight of a flock of V-shaped wild geese in flight with sun shining. The scene not only enchants him but also becomes Martas’ logo,      continuously conveying to partners the touching spirit of wild goose, which is the embodiment of teamwork and high-performance organization.


The meanings of the logo are also the promise made by the staff in Martas. As our senior manager in R&D department said, “Whenever clients entrust us with projects for design and manufacture, we know life pervades all the projects.” Imagining clients’ faces are radiant with joy in receiving our products, we keep in mind that every product should be done with meticulous care. After all, our prudence makes you relax.


You can entrust projects to us forever, because we have been committing ourselves to sparing no efforts to meet your demand now and expectations in the future. Consequently, you can fathom our philosophy of keeping promises and establishing a life community with prosperity and coexistence. As wild geese’s affection is to partners, so is our promise to you.