Company History

● Earned Haworth Zero PPM & 100% On Time Delivery and Continuous Improvement Award
● Earned Knoll Supplier Rcognition for Operational Excellence Award


● Earned Hermanmiller 2018 Gold Supplier
● Initial public offering on Oct. 31, 2018, TAIEX: 6705-TW
● Got Japanese Automotive Qualification


● Earned Haworth 2017 Sustainability Award


● Launched Martas Global Operation Headquarter in Tucheng, Taiwan.


  2015● Certificate of Potential Taiwan Mittelstand Award
● Project Kicked Off: IPO with Taishin Securities
● Project Kicked Off: PDM project


● Convened yearly suppliers meeting
● Kicked off Martas Global Operation Headquarter Construction Project.


  2013● Received Industry-University Cooperative Program with Graduate institute of Industrial Engineering of NTU from The national science council.


  2012● Received the CITD program funding from Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA,for five consecutive years.
● Earned the nominators of 13rd National Standardization Awards
● Earned 8th National HRD InnoPrize Awards
● Earned 2012 Taiwan Excellence Awards
● Earned 2nd SME Corporate Social Responsibility Awards


● Martas President Gary Chen Won the Recognition of "2011 TOP 100 MVP Managers of Taiwan
● Martas President Gary Chen Won the Recognition of "2011 K.T. Lee Administration Metal"
● Passed Verification of PAS 2050 by BV
● Pass Verification of ISO 14001:EMS (Environment Management System)
● Passed SME Immediate Subsidy Plan - Knowledge Management System Construction
● Project Kicked Off: Introduction of Total Performance Integration Management (TPIM)
● Project Kicked Off: Passed MOEA Supply Chain e-Management Project
● Developed Steel Ball Slide Products with Flip-up Pocket Door and Obtained Inventive Patent in the USA
● Earned "1st Taiwan Model of ECO Product Award"
● Earn "Prevent Workplace Smoking Damage Award"
● Martas President Gary Chen earned" 65th Golden Merchant Award"
● Martas President Gary Chen Won the Recognition of "2011 TOP 100 MVP Managers of Taiwan"
● Earned "18th Taiwan SMEs Innovation Award "
● Earned "2011 National Invention and Creation Award"- Innovation Silver Medal for patent B175-Interlocking Device for Slide Rail.
● Earn " 2011 MOEA-Industrial Innovative Award-Business Strategy Innovation " 
● Martas President Gary Chen was honored to win "K.T. Lee Administration Medal "
● Earned 12th Industrial Excellence Award
● Received the CITD program funding from Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA,for four consecutive years.
● Received the SBIR program funding from New Taipei City.


  2010● Awarded by the second largest U.S. Slide Supplying Company as the Best Asian Suppliers for Two Consecutive Years and Martas Was Listed in its World-class Vendor.
● Received the CITD Program Funding from Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA,for three consecutive years. 
● Eanred " 8th Taiwan Golden Root Award"
● Project Kicked Off:MOEA Quality Management Upgrade Plan,Plus Martas TQM Committee.
● Project Kicked Off: MOEA STARS Plan: R & D Alliance of Metal System Kitchenware Industry Clusters.
● Project Kicked Off: The Introduction of ISO14001, ISO14064, and PAS 2050.
● Passed Canon/Mitsubishi validation procedure.
● Earned"13th Rising Star Award"
● Earned "19th National Award of Outstanding Small and Medium Enterprises"
● Developed Heavy Duty drawer slide with safety lock device structure and obtained Inventive patent in the USA.
● Martas President Gary Chen Earned "33th Model of Taiwan and Overseas Entrepreneurs Award"
● Passed ISO 14064-1"Greenhouse Cases Verification Statement"


  2009● Passed C-TPAT Audit Validation Plant at U.S. Custom.
● Recognized as the first prize among the 32 vendors in Asia by the second largest ball slide supplying company in the U.S. as well as becoming its strategic partner.
● Received the 2009 CITD program funding from Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA.
● Developed Slide cushion structure obtaining patent in Japan and Taiwan, and Slide hinge with cushion obtaining patent in China.
● Earned "12th Customer Satisfaction Golden Award"
● Earned "12th Outstanding Entrepreneurs Model Golden Award"
● Earned "12th Outstanding Entrepreneurs Golden Award"
● Earned "12th Outstanding Commodity Golden Award"
● Earned "9th National Product Quality Guarantee Golden Award"
● Signed Industry-University Cooperative Program with National Taiwan University
● Passed Toshiba validation procedure.
● Earned "15th Taiwan SMEs Innovation Award"
● Earn"2009 MOEA-Industrial Innovative Award-Product and System Innovation " 
● Earned "Two-Star Prize of Quality Group Award"
● Earned"22th National Team Excellence Award"
● General Manager Shirley Shin and Sales Manager Alice Lee earned National Outstanding SME General Manager and Marketing Manager invidually


  2008● PaReceived the 2008 CITD program funding from Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA
● Developed multiple drawer slide with safety lock device structure, drawer interlock mechanism device structure and slide brake-body device structure, with patents received from German, Taiwan and mainland China
● Passed TS-16949


  2007● Passed IECQ QC080000HSPM.
● Developed closing hood structure for new type slide and obtained patent in mainland China.
● Earned "2007 Taiwan SMEs Innovation Award" by New Taipei Cit Industrial Association.


  2006● Passed ISO 9001
● Developed a closing hood structure for slides with new style, and obtained
● patents in Germany, Taiwan and Japan


  2005● Certified by the second largest office furniture plant, OFI9000 validation, in U.S. Products marketed to over 90 countries worldwide. Developed quick-drawer slide structure and slide return structure that enhances smoothness in slide cards return, patented in Taiwan and mainland China.


  2004● In collaboration with Taiwan’s policy to leave the head quarter in Taiwan, Martas purchased land in Shulin for plant construction and was rename to Martas Precision Slide Co., Ltd.
● Developed automated self-closing structure and vertical-assembly slide structure ,and obtained patents both in Taiwan and mainland China.


  2003● Developed steel ball slide products with pressure-removable structure and descending structure in flip-up pocket door and obtained patent in mainland China.


  2001● Became qualified OEM/ODM manufacturer for German company Hettich and Italian company FGV, with success in penetrating the Dell/Philips supply chain and the products marketed to over 60 countries worldwide.


  1997● Free investment in outsourcing plant in mainland with success in becoming member of IKEA supply chain.
● Successfully developed a series of new automated steel ball slide production equipment with products marketed to over 30 countries worldwide.


  1996● Mastas Enterprise Co. Ltd founded.