Company Profile

Martas was founded in 1996, and it went through 5 stages in transforming:

Formation, 1996-1999
By investing 40 ball bearing slide equipment to a Chinese factory and obtained seven-years lead in marketing operation and product development, we established a non self-employed production line and gained exclusive supply and unlimited production capacity. By package plant export and material consigned (cold rolled steel purchased from Japan and Korea) strategy Martas became a pioneer of ball bearing slide manufacturer in China. With the first-mover advantage, we successfully entered the supply chain of IKEA.

Development, 2000-2004
We developed OEM/ODM business by doing contract manufacturing for world famous manufacturer Hettich in Germany and FGV in Italy for the high-end slide hardware market penetration. The design center was also built for product innovation and product patent to increase the awareness of “Martas made” in slide hardware industry. With steady growth and dedication in innovations, we are now in partnership with DELL and Philips.

Prosperity, 2005-2009
From “Made in China” to “Made in Taiwan”. Following Taiwanese government policy incentives, Martas moved production lines back to Taiwan from China. We built 1st & 2nd plant in Shulin as well as six automotive production lines for capacity expansion. 
Martas provided total solution with high quality at competitive price to customer, our forever idea is to provide “3 times quality at 1 times price” that achieved varies international manufacturer’s recognition and appreciations. Our strategy of being the most cost effective, high quality products in the market won us opportunities to start our OBM business and be into high-end application markets, such as server racks, ATM, kitchen appliances and etc.

Transition, 2010-2014
Martas is the first ball bearing slide manufacturer who has successfully obtained both ISO4064-1 and PAS 2050 certifications in Asia. We were also awarded as a Green Supplier, certified by rigorous audits from both Cannon and Toshiba. Martas has been actively integrating international operation strategy and performance as well as fully meets or even exceeds the requirements by top customers for “Just In Time” services. We’ve built 3rd plant and upgraded our automation in order to better serve our customers with more precise products and faster services.

Excellence, 2015-2025
Design Innovation Research Center and Chicago office in the United State were established for global service. Martas Global Operation Headquarter is also activated to be the hub of delivering our products and just-in-time service to the world. 
Martas is dedicated to develop sound corporate governance, balancing stakeholder benefits, focusing on environment, protecting the Earth’s environment, and contributing to society to build a win-win relationship.

Business philosophy


Say it and be responsible. The essence of integrity can be expressed in a Chinese character (德) to represent the left side of the line, on behalf of the executive force, the top ten on behalf of a full range of commitment, regardless of the size of the commitment, the middle of the four represents four eyes, with or without a person next to Oversight must be done in the best possible way. The final heart must be motivated. When it comes to it, it must be done. It cannot be said that it is not practiced.


Continuing innovation leads Martas as a pioneer of Green ball bearing slide manufacturer in Asia.

Our innovation not only in product but also in the internal process, marketing, technology, manufacturing and business model.


Martas pursuits that interested parties develop in harmony.

We dedicate to develop sound corporate governance, balancing stakeholder benefits, focusing on environment, protecting the Earth’s environment, and contributing to society to build a win-win relationship.

We also care the product compatibility of customer’s system by visual coordination, handy pull and noiseless. Martas bring you an experience of harmony.