Cloud Computing

Server Application - USH Series


The features of USH series:


  Customized Slide Rail


Creating new value for customers, we provide customized slide rails. Our products are in compliance with UL regulation, and have the features of convenience, comfort, and safety of installation operations.


  Lightweight Design


Lightweight rail design allows server rack to have super-low profiles and narrow cross sections, while still providing solid load requirement.


  Tool-less Support


Under tool-less support, IT people can install and remove chassis quickly and easily to increase efficiency.


  CMA configuration


Martas Cable Management Arm- Eliminate cable stress and maintain a neat, organized cable layout inside the server rack. It also enhances heat dissipation of the server.


  Safety Lock-in and Out


Combination of rolling and stamping technologies, we provide customer smooth-slide, tool-less support and reliable ball bearing slide rail. Multi-Segment positioning design with high strength and reliability enhances IT people a convenient, comfortable and safe operation.


  Green Custom Clearance


The first ball bearing slide manufacturer with Greenhouse Gas Protocol (ISO4064-1) and Carbon Footprint (PAS 2050) certifications in the world. Martas slides also comply with DfE (Design for Environment) criteria and passed the C-TPAT audit by U.S. customs which allows Martas cargo to be able to enjoy the prompt and green custom clearance in USA.



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