Martas President Gary Chen was Invited to participate in the publication of the "Tailor Revolution" new book.

With the "L-shaped" development of the global economy, the strength of the recovery has become weaker. Most of the small and medium-sized enterprises that once created "economic miracles" have faced the threat of a "middle and advanced age crisis." How to respond at this time, and systematically make trade-offs and learn from the crisis, and then grow and restart the peak of the company, is a great knowledge, testing the wisdom of business owners and the energy of the company itself.

China Productivity Center (CPC) at 9 o'clock on November 14 (A) at the 9th floor of the HKJU Conference Center, thank you for hosting the "Reversal Jump Forum and the "Muttering Revolution" New Book Presentation" by Japanese Coney. Mr. Masaaki Masaru, President of Kaminida Co., Ltd., came to Taiwan to share how to initiate changes and exit the Red Sea market. He opened up the Blue Ocean through a “leading strategy for classification”, and then used the strategy of Xiaobo University to successfully occupy NO.1 in 38 countries and cities. "Changes in Learning."

The event kicked off with a welcome speech from the general manager of China Productivity Zhang Baocheng. Afterwards, Mr. Song Yizheng delivered a speech on the topic of “classification leading strategy from innovation to value creation”. After taking office as president of Konica Minolta Co., Ltd. in 2009, Masayoshi Matsukaze came to an end when the financial turmoil hit, frozen the global economy, the European debt crisis, Japan's 311 earthquake and other natural and man-made disasters, plus the appreciation of the yen. Severe operating environment impact. In the face of adversity, he pursued the first in the field of color digital multi-functional peripherals through the "Classified Leading Strategy," and led Konica Minolta to expand color digital printing into the ear of medical and other fields, allowing companies to move from A to A+. The law of success is really precious. Mr. Masakazu Matsuda is credited with "The Broken End Revolution" (now published by the China Productivity Center).

Then, Chen Yuelai, Chairman of Zhengyue Precision Slider Co., Ltd., with the theme of “innovation and breakthrough in the era of meager profits”, shared how to find the best interests in the industry, and took the initiative to win the opportunity in the state of unclear economic conditions and chaos. , and his views on future industrial development. During the meeting, Mr. Chen Wanlai, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Mr. Song Yizheng, were scheduled to conduct business meetings and the on-site question and answer time was interactive so that participants could fully grasp the pulsation of economic trends and return home.


Martas President Gary Chen was Invited to participate in the publication of the "Tailor Revolution" new book. (2016-11-14)