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Martas Chronicles
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Founded  on September 17th, 1996, Martas Precision Slide Co., Ltd. underwent three phases of company growthBeginning integration phase, in which the company acquired seven years of market dominance and product development initiatives through partial free investment of 40 ball bearing slides equipment for plants in China, structuring a virtual plant without capacity limits. This phase was collaborated with shipment composed of package plant export technology and equipment form Taiwan and the cold rolled steel purchased from Japan and Korea, directly to China plants for production and assembly. Major customers are targeted on larger importers of various countries. During the second phase, the company became OEM/ODM factories for major slide manufacturers such as German Hettich and Italian FGV; the third phase involved Own Brand Manufacturing (OBM) and collaboration with government’s policy in Taiwan. The company purchased land for self constructions and established automated production lines that were close to the mid- and high-end application markets. Martas Precision Slide was also the first slide manufacturer in Asia certified by Hazardous Substances Process Management (IECQ QC080000HSPM) and complies with international standards in ISO/TS 16949 - Automotive Quality Certification. Moreover, Martas Precision Slide is also certified by the C-TPAT validation at U.S. customs, assisting containers to U.S. with faster custom resort procedure and substantial saving in custom clearance for customers.

The management philosophy of Martas Precision Slide adheres to Blue Ocean Strategy with focus. The products and services are projected on high-end application related linear motion products. Currently the products have been marketed to over 90 countries worldwide.

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